Purchase for $100.00 Down


$100 Down Gets

You into a Home. 

With New FHA Sales Incentives



$100 Down Gets

You into a Home.

With New FHA Sales Incentives

Introducing the FHA & HUD-Owned Home Sales Incentives. Increasing the Affordability of Homeownership.


Up to 110% LTV,* varies by county.**

$100 down payment with FHA financing.

$5,000 sales allowance paid toborrower for repairs at closing when using FHA financing.

HUD 3% allowable closing cost funds still apply.


All HUD-owned homes for sale in eligible states/territories.***

Only properties purchased by an owner-occupant are eligible.

List of eligible homes in each state available at: http://www.hud.gov/homes.

*The LTV may exceed 100%, up to 110%, as the result of financing a repair escrow included in the sales contract. The cost of repairs may not exceed $5,000. **Refer to maximum loan amounts section in product description. ***The new products are available in all states/territories where HUD is currently offering its $100 down payment program. See product description for state restrictions. Programs available only to qualified borrowers. Programs subject to change without notice. Underwriting terms and conditions apply. Some restrictions may apply.

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